Speedball Diazo Fabric Screen Printing Kit

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Speedball Diazo Fabric Screen Printing Kit

The Ultimate Diazo Fabric Screen Printing Kit is an excellent, comprehensive kit for high quality fabric screen printing. The photo emulsion method offered in this kit allows for a wide range of possibilities to be exposed.

Fine line drawings, various lettering techniques, and photographic half-tone positives are all possible with these tools. This kit has everything to get started, including the light source. Made in the U.S.A.

The Diazo kit comes with two 8.5 x 11" transparency films, a 10" x 14" screen frame, a 9" squeegee, 4 craft sticks, four 4 oz jars of fabric ink, 4 oz. of Diazo Photo Emulsion, .5 grams of Diazo Sensitizer, 4 oz. of Photo Emulsion Remover, an Instructional DVD, an exposure lamp, a 250 Watt Photo Flood bulb, 9.5" x 13.75" black paper, and complete instructions. Fabric ink colors include black, white, red, and blue.