Simply Simmons XL Stiff Synthetic Brushes

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The Simply Simmons line of quality Robert Simmons brushes are excellent for students, amateurs and professionals alike. These brushes are highly dependable and recognizable due to their strong black ferrules and striking pearlescent white handles. The extra-large (XL) sizes allow for greater and more consistent coverage on large canvases and murals.

The XL (and XXL) stiff synthetic fiber brushes are perfect for thick color, impasto techniques and rough surfaces.

Available in Round, Filbert, and Flat, shown left to right in image. Brushes measures from 10" to 14". 

Size 70(XXL) measures 14" x 2.5"

Size 50 measures  12" x 3"

Size 60(XXL) measures 14" x 2"

Size 30 measures 10.5" x 1.2"

Simply Simmons XL Stiff Synthetic Brushes