Sculpey III Polymer Clay Sampler Set

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Sculpey is America’s original oven-bake clay. Workable straight from the package, it remains soft until baked in the oven. Once baked, Sculpey takes on a matte, bisque-type finish and can be sanded, drilled, carved, glued, inked, or painted with water-based acrylics. Perfect for everything from molded items to free-form jewelry, figurines, ornaments, and more.

Bakes to hardness in a 275° home oven in 15 - 20 minutes, per 1/4" of thickness. 

This Sampler Set consists of 30 colors, 1oz./28g each. Recommended for ages 8+.  Made in the U.S.A.

Also available in 2oz Individual Colors and Sets of 10 Colors.