Rive Gauche Oil Paints

Rive Gauche Oil Paints

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Rive Gauche boasts a modern oil paint formula that dries twice as fast as traditional oils. A shortened drying time expands the artists possibilities. The colors have a high pigment concentration, good lightfastness, and a thick, uniform texture. Luminous and opaque, they dry to a satin finish. 

This paint comes from Sennelier, who began in Paris in 1887, opposite the Louvre and just a stone’s throw away from the École des Beaux-Arts, which is the world epicentre for arts and is located on the Left Bank (‘sur la Rive Gauche’). From the Latin Quarter to Montparnasse, this symbolic riverside area has proven to be one dominated by artists, intellectuals, musicians, professors and students. Being proud of its origins, the name ‘Rive Gauche’ consequently seemed a natural choice for Sennelier's latest evolution.

A rich, balanced palette of 60 colors in 40ml tubes. Note that Rive Gauche uses high-performance cadmium substitutes. These new pigments offer properties that are almost equivalent to real cadmium-based oils, at a fraction of the price.