Procion MX Cold Water Dye Set

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Procion MX Cold Water Dye is a concentrated powdered dye with colors that fix chemically—no heat required. This makes Procion ideal for backyard dyeing, batik, shibori and tie-dye. The dyes produces exceptionally brilliant color, are intermixable, and the results are permanent, colorfast and completely washable. Ideal for all natural materials such as cotton, rayon, linen, silk, wool, paper, reeds and wood. This set provides everything needed to learn to dye, and color mix, like a pro. 

Set includes: 1lb of soda ash, three primary colors (Lemon Yellow, Fuchsia and Turquoise) and Black (2/3oz each), and the Color Wheel Mixing Chart. From these four colors, the Color Wheel has formulas for creating over 20 different colors! The Color Wheel is an excellent tool that provides an introduction to color mixing with dyes.

Individual Procion MX Cold Water Dyes available here.