Niji Pearlescent Watercolor Set

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Yasutomo Niji Pearlescent Watercolor Set

The Pearlescent Watercolor Set combines light and color to create stunning effects either alone or with other water based media. These twenty-one colorfast colors in a reusable plastic container will add dimension and sparkle to all paper crafts. Mixe the colors together and the paint takes on interference qualitites. Try adding them over top of a black or dark color for a stunning effect! The unique watercolors are great for painting, stamping, greeting cards, and more.

This 21-color pan set includes pearlescent colors: White, Red, Silver, Magenta, Light Green, Gold, Violet, Light Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Dark Gold, Orange, Bronze, Ivory, Olive, Copper, Yellow-Gold, Maroon, and Dark Silver.