Limn Colors Metallic Pearl

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
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Metallic pearl watercolor paint is a mica-based, silvery white. Create a spectrum of pearlescent colors by mixing this into a puddle of another watercolor paint. Perfect for adding shimmery highlights to your artwork. Works well on colored papers or over dried paint washes. 

For the best color application, use your brush to swirl the puddle of wet paint you are working with to mix evenly before each brushstroke. Achieving a solid pearly silverwhite requires layering or adding more paint wet-in-wet.

Pigment: Mica laminated with titanium dioxide and tin oxide
Lightfastness: Excellent

This product is one half pan of watercolor paint in a 3d printed pan with shipping lid.

Safety warning: By purchasing this product you agree to follow the precautions outlined here. In conformance with ASTM D-4326, all Limn Colors paints carry a materials advisement. Metallic pearl includes titanium dioxide, which can have a chronic health effect and is on California's Prop 65 list of chemicals shown to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.