Gansai Tambi Portable Set

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The Gansai Tambi Portable Set is packed with 14 paint colors, a MANGAKA .01mm fine tip pen and a refillable water brush pen, all in a compact box for use on the go or at home. Ideal for sketching, painting, cartooning, illustration, sumi-e and more. 

Gansai Tambi is a traditional, Japanese watercolor based on colors seen in nature. The pigments are vivid, opaque and lightfast. The paint dries with a slight sheen and can be highly opaque like a gouache, The colors are highly blendable and with the addition of water become more transparent like a watercolor.

The MANGAKA pen for line drawing contains water-based pigment ink that will not bleed or mix with water once it has dried. Developed by incorporating the thoughts and techniques of professional Japanese cartoonists, it also meets the needs of urban sketchers. With the water brush you can easily control the flow of water simply by adjusting the pressure applied to the body. The versatile brush can easily color narrow and delicate ranges, as well as larger areas.

14 color set includes white, black, red, lemon yellow, burnt sienna, ultramarine, rose madder, sap green light, cobalt violet, cadmium yellow, raw umber deep, natural beige, gray and cobalt blue.