Gamblin Cold Wax Medium

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Cold Wax Medium consists of naturally white, pure beeswax. This versatile medium has three uses:

Painting Medium - As an oil painting medium, Cold Wax Medium can be used to make oil colors thicker and more matte. Its soft paste consistency can be thinned to brush consistency by dissolving in a small amount of Gamsol. 

Matting Agent - Add Cold Wax Medium to Galkyd oil painting mediums or Drying Oil (linseed/Stand) to reduce gloss. When adding wax to thicker mediums like Galkyd Gel, Neo Megilp or Solvent-Free Gel, blend directly with a palette knife. By mixing Cold Wax Medium and Gamsol it becomes a more fluid medium, with the same properties as a matting agent. 

Wax Varnish - Straight Cold Wax Medium can be applied to a dry painting as a removable, matte varnish. Once applied, the Cold Wax can be left to dry for a matte finish or gently buffed for a soft luster. Cold Wax Medium can also be used to reduce the gloss level of Gamvar Picture Varnish.

Available in 4 oz. and 16 oz. containers.