#What's New: Fluid 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper

#What's New: Fluid 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper

16th May 2019

Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper is crafted in small batches, made by traditional paper milling techniques coupled with modern technology to create a fine watercolor paper that is 100% cotton.

The paper is natural white and is available in 140lb/300lb in both hot pressed and cold pressed surfaces. Each sheet of paper is strong and workable with a pleasing surface texture that is acid free and archival. Gelatin sizing gives the artist brilliant color and increased control that is perfect for use with both wet and dry media.

Key Features:

  • 100% cotton, natural white surface
  • Acid-free, archival quality
  • External gelatin sizing

Perfect For:

  • Watercolor paints and watercolor pencils
  • Practicing your watercolor painting
  • Finished artwork

Avaible now in both our San Francisco and Oakland store locations.