Daniel Smith Watercolor Half Pan Sets have arrived!

Daniel Smith Watercolor Half Pan Sets have arrived!

14th Nov 2018

Our best selling line of watercolors, the highly anticipated Daniel Smith Watercolor Half Pan Sets are finally here, just in time for the holidays! Available online and in-store, each pan is hand poured three-four times and takes months to complete.

Using the exact same formula for both tube and pan colors, these paints contain the highest pigment load, exceptional lightfastness and unparalleled vibrancy. There are 37 colors available throughout the six select sets. The 15-color Ultimate Mixing Half Pan Set includes two travel cases, one filled with luscious color, the other ready to fill with your own custom made palette. This set also contains a brand new Daniel Smith color (available only in the half pan), Jane's Grey.

Ultimate Mixing Set, 15 colors: buff titanium, hansa yellow medium, quinacridone gold, pyrole scarlet, pyrole crimson, quinacridone rose, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue chromium, pthalo blue (green shade), pthalo green (blue shade), Goethite (brown ochre), burnt sienna, Indian red, raw umber and Jane Grey.

Each 6-color sets includes a 15-pan travel case with 9 removable empty half pans, ready to fill with your favorite colors.

Blues Set – Serene to Dramatic, 6 colors: cerulean blue, Mayan blue genuine, indigo, lunar blue, Payne's blue grey and sodalite genuine.

Earth Set – Desert to Mountains, 6 colors: buff titanium, raw sienna light, bronzite genuine, Venetian red, burnt sienna light and lunar black.

Inspiration Set, signature Daniel Smith 6 colors: quinacridone gold, Aussie red gold, quinacridone rose, quinacridone fuchsia, cascade green, and green apatite genuine.

Floral Set – Cottage Gardens to Botanicals, 6 colors: wisteria, lavender, moonglow, shadow violet and serpentine genuine

Sketcher Set, 6 colors: hansa yellow medium, quinacridone rose, transparent red oxide, cerulean blue chromium and Monte Amiata natural sienna.

Visit our  Fort Mason store or Shop Online now! They will be available at our Oakland store location soon. Call for more details: 510-867-2324