Classic Ads from Yesterday

Classic Ads from Yesterday

Posted by Howard Flax on 24th Jun 2021

We found a treasure. Unmarked boxes that held copies of old magazines dating as far back as 1952, all issues of Art Material Trade News, an industry publication that was distributed to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Fascinated, over a few nights and a few glasses of wine I went page-by-page through more than 100 magazines and discovered a lot of history, including these advertising gems.

What is remarkable is how little the tools of the trade change over time. Trends come and go, but paint is paint and canvas is canvas. Art materials do evolve, yet you can still find many of the traditional supplies of yesterday on our store shelves today. You are sure to recognize many of the brands and their products below.

- 1952 -

1952 - Doesn't every kid grow up with Crayola?

1959 - Since 1880, Higgins Ink maintains its popularity

- 1952 -

- 1957 - General's is still family run, now by the 5th generation

- 1958 -

1962 - The series 7 brush is still the W&N premier brush, but no longer starts at $1.00

1962 - Still an astonishingly popular line

- 1962 -

1965 - By far, Speedball had the best variety of quality ads back then

- 1968 -

1965 - Okay, you've never seen this brand on our shelves. We're guessing Krylon put them out of business. This is a classic 60s ad, but the notion that sex appeal can sell an artist spray, well, that's ridiculous.