Flashe Matte Vinyl Paint

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Flashe Matte Vinyl Paint 125ml

Flashe is a vinyl resin emulsion combined with high pigment loads for a perfect matte finish. Like acrylic paint, Flashe is polymer-based, yet it offers optical characteristics similar to gouache, old tempera paints and primitive painting grounds, achieving a matte, velvety and opaque finish. To create a range of possible techniques dilute Flash with water for dense, highly opaque applications to transparent watercolor effects. 

With an ultra-adherent formulation, Flashe can be applied on all non-oily painting surfaces directly, without priming (canvas, wood, textile, leather, metal, paper, polystyrene, glass, etc.). It makes an excellent undercoat for oils and acrylics. 

Made in France and launched in 1954, the jars are 125ml (4.22 ounces).