Exploring Watercolors, How to Paint Flowers "Gradation"

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Exploring Watercolors, How to Paint Flowers "Gradation" is a complete lesson kit that teaches the Gradation watercolor painting technique. "Gradation" is a technique that produces a gradual seamless charge in tone or color with one color or between multiple colors. With the included instruction booklet, this is an excellent kit for learning new skills. And it contains a slew of quality painting materials from Zig. Made in Japan.

This set includes:
1 each of 6 Zig Clean Color Real Brush pens (055 Pale Yellow, 401 Ever Green, 806 Pale Violet, 807 Plum Mist, 080 Violet, and 999 Blender.)
1 Zig cartoonist Mangaka 01 water-based pigment pen in 065 Sepia
1 Zig Fudebiyori Pigment water-based pigment pen in 000 Milky White
2 sheets, 3.93" x 5.83"