Daniel Smith Watercolor Dot Card, Mineral Marvels

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Daniel Smith Watercolor Dot Cards are the perfect way to try new colors and have a rich new palette to take with you wherever you go. Just take a wet brush, touch the watercolor dot to release the beautiful color and you will see - one dot goes a long way.

Mineral Marvels includes 36 dots, 4 each on 9 sheets as the images show, from the Daniel Smith PrimaTek colors. The set includes:
Rockin' Red - rhodonite genuine, garnet genuine, Minnesota pipestone genuine and bloodstone genuine;
Red Earth - hematite burnt scarlet genuine, piemontite genuine, mummy bauxite and sicklerite genuine;
Red Sands - bronzite genuine, red fuschite genuine, burnt bronzite genuine, red jasper genuine;
Baked Earth - Yavapai genuine, Sedona genuine, tiger's eye genuine and burnt tiger's eye genuine;
Royal Purple - purpurite genuine, amethyst genuine, sugilite genuine and hematite violet genuine.
Metamorphic Black - sodalite genuine, zoisite genuine, hematite genuine and black tourmaline genuine.
Oceanic - Mayan blue genuine, Kingman green turquoise, diopside genuine, green apatite genuine.
Blue Beauties - kyanite genuine, lapis lazuli genuine, sleeping beauty turquoise genuine and blue apatite genuine.
Green Gems - amazonite genuine, fuchsite genuine, jadeite genuine and serpentine genuine.