Cosmos Blotting Paper

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Cosmos Blotting Paper is a totally unsized, archival paper that is in every fine art printing studio and atelier. The primary use of Cosmos blotting is that of a sponge: two sheets of wet Cosmos may be sandwiched over an art paper to dampen the paper and prepare it for printing. In reverse, when a print is pulled and it is still quite damp, the drying time can be greatly reduced if it is placed between two dry blotters (Cosmos) that absorb the excess moisture from the final print. 

Because of its total lack of any sizing (internal and external), Cosmos Blotting has been used successfully for paper-casting or molding shapes and sculpture pieces.

24" x 28", 100lb heavy weight paper with a rough texture, and very absorbent. Made in USA.

Paper available from Store Pickup only.