Copic Sketch Dual-Tip Markers

Copic Sketch Dual-Tip Markers

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Copic Sketch Markers are popular and highly versatile, double-ended refillable markers. With fast-drying, permanent, non-toxic ink, these markers are perfect for professional illustration, fashion design, comics, and more. This exceptionally comprehensive range of colors provides artists with any palette they desire from strikingly bold to softly muted.

The Sketch marker features two nibs - one super brush nib that acts like a paintbrush in both feel and application and the medium broad nib for thick strokes. Each nib is replaceable and the alcohol-based ink can be refilled in each marker for a long marker life.

With 358 colors to choose from below, we offer these PDF links to help understand the Copic system and make the right color selections:

Copic Color Chart - Understand the Copic Color System
Copic Color Wheel - Match Colors for Proper Blending