Copic Multi-Liner SP Set of 10

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The Multi-Liner SP Set consists of 10 Multi-Liner SP pens that feature durable aluminum barrels, are refillable, and have replaceable nibs. These pens contain pigment-based ink that is waterproof, archival, photocopy safe, and will not bleed into COPIC markers. They are great for creating precision details, fine art, design, comics, modeling, and more. Refill ink cartridge A is for pen sizes .03mm, .05mm, and 1mm. Refill ink cartridge B is for pen sizes .2mm, .25mm, .3mm, .35mm, .5mm, .7mm, and Brush. These pens are also disposable.

10 pen set includes sizes: .03mm, .05mm, 1mm, .2mm, .25mm, .3mm, .35mm, .5mm, .7mm, and Brush