Awagami Editioning Papers Sample Pack

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The Awagami Editioning Papers Sample Pack contains sheets of fine art paper crafted with the artistry and knowledge gained over 8 generations of family papermaking. The papers are made with natural fibers to yield sheets with an expressive surface and impressive character. Papers are acid-free and range from thin 36gsm to extra-thick 250gsm. Originally developed for fine art printmaking many of these papers are fantastic for printmaking, drawing, painting, book arts, collage, crafts and photography.

20 sheet pack contains two 8" x 10" sheets each of the ten Awagami Editioning papers: Kitakata, Kitakata Green, Kitakata Select, Bunkoshi Select, Hosho Select, Okawara Select, Kozo Natural Select, Hakuho Select, Shiramine Select and Bamboo Select.

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