Ancient Egyptian Designs Coloring Book

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Ancient Egyptian Designs Coloring Book features 39 authentic designs taken from King Tut's tomb and other shrines in Thebes, from the 18th–20th Dynasties (c. 1567–1085 B.C.) as rendered by noted designer Ed Sibbett, Jr. They can be colored in the manner of the Egyptian painters (as on the covers) or any way your imagination suggests. Identifying captions with historical information accompany each drawing, and a brief introduction and glossary of gods complete this coloring book, a fine source of ancient Egyptian pictorial design, and a pleasure to color in any medium. 

Motifs include the winged Isis, Osiris, Buto the Cobra-goddess, various Pharaohs, scarabs, and animal deities; scenes of daily life (hunting, boating, banqueting, masters, and servants), and decorative ornament — lotus, ibis, falcon, lion, snake, barbarian.

Book measures 8 1/4" x 11', with 48 pages.