Herakut Mural

by Flax on October 19, 2012

HerakutIn 2004 Herakut came together, finding a magic synthesis between the artistic skills and specialties of Hera’s broad, quick strokes and Akut’s photorealistic detail that has become an internationally recognized style. Their latest concept is the The Giant Storybook Project, which chronicles the creation of a new children’s book that Herakut is developing in collaboration with actor Jim Carrey. Launched in September 2012 and continuing through winter 2013, the project follows the artists as they introduce the story’s characters in murals they are painting around the world.

For the seventh mural in the series, Herakut used a roughly 30′x80′ canvas above our back parking lot. In Herakut’s artwork the people and animals are created as a commentary on human nature, on the ups and downs of all the small wars we fight within ourselves. This mural features a fearful looking Creative Spirit, perhaps an extension of Jay’s creative spirit in Mural 6, chasing a girl over the city rooftops. She appears calm, protected by the Silly Monkeys, and the mural’s text reads “It’s all in your head. When we can let go of our fear, we are safe.” A growing cast of characters of the imagination, perfect for an illustrated children’s book.

This event came together through a collaboration between Flax and WallspaceSF, and we thank the San Francisco Community College District who granted us permission to use their wall.  A dreary wall has become a lasting piece of art and contribution to the community.

Hera and Akut

She’s Hera, he’s Akut.

Herakut is a German artist duo made of Jasmin Siddiqui and Falk Lehmann. They share a symbiosis in their art, as well as in their name, which is a blend of their street names Hera and Akut. In addition to their highly visual murals, Herakut’s paintings have appeared in dozens of gallery exhibitions, and two books have been published, The Perfect Merge and After the Laughter, which are available for purchase in our store.

Enjoy this series of photos of Herakut’s live painting performance at Flax. To view as a larger size slideshow click any image to expand the view, then click the image to return to regular view.

The Giant Storybook Project, Mural 7

The Giant Storybook Project, Mural 7 – photo by Robbie Sweeny

Herakut mural with text

Photo by Robbie Sweeney

On October 23 Herakut returned and added color and text to the mural, giving it an inspirational quality. Here is the final piece:

Herakut Mural

Photo by HERAKUT

This mural may also be viewed in the gallery of street art at San Francisco Mural Arts.