Sakura Electric Eraser + Refills

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Sakura Electric Eraser + Refills

The Sakura Electric Eraser is the latest in eraser technology; one of the lightest, battery-operated erasing machines on the market. Best known for its strong erasing capability and durability, countless professional illustrators, animators, and architects vouch for the performance of the Sakura Electric Eraser.

Each kit comes equipped with the motorized unit, 20 additional erasers, eraser holders, and two AAA batteries. At 12,000 RPM, the strong torque does all the work so that only a light touch is required to remove marks. Only weighing in at 2.8 oz, the Sakura Electric Eraser is compact for storage and geared for mobility.

A refill pack of 60 white erasers also available, via the drop-down menu.