Princeton 3750 Select Brushes

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Princeton's Select Series 3750 brushes were created by the fine craftsmen of Princeton in partnership with well-known artist Willow Wolfe. This vast line of 22 distinct styles was created for decorative and technique painters; offering them tools to help explore traditional and avant-garde techniques on nearly any surface.

Each brush is made with a variety of synthetic and natural hair bristles, satin-finish jewelry-box blue short handles, and glistening silver ferrules. They combine a sleek and distinctive look with excellent handling capabilities. Select Brushes are true to the Princeton tradition as every one is handcrafted and tested to ensure consistent superior performance with watercolor, acrylic, and oils.

This series is available in Filbert Grainer, Angle Shader, Filbert, Flat Shader, Script Liner, Liner, Grainer, Round, Deerfoot, Flat Wash, Oval Mop, Round Blender, Bristle Fan, Fan, Spotter, Bristle Bright, Oval Wash, Dagger Striper, Lunar Mop, Chisel Blender, Short Liner, and Lunar Blender in several sizes each.

Princeton 3750 Select Brushes