Guess The Color

Can you guess what color this is?
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Quinacridone Purple, a DANIEL SMITH Watercolor!
congratulations to Casia, who guessed the right answer and won our draw!
Quinacridone Purple is a rich, powerful and juicy purple with a slight reddish cast. It's nongranulating, so washes are smooth and controlled and it mixes beautifully. A luscious, versatile color. Quinacridone watercolors flow beautifully for extremely smooth washes, have incredible depth of color and can be lifted easily while still wet. They're exceptionally strong yet transparent, ideal for glazing, and many artists use them as vibrant replacements for earth colors. Understandably, they've been very popular colors since their introduction people just love them!
The paint out of DANIEL SMITH Watercolors from left to right are:
Cobalt Violet Deep transparent, granulating, low staining.
Ultramarine Red transparent, granulating, nonstaining.
Rose of Ultramarine transparent, granulating, medium staining.
Purpurite Genuine semitransparent, granulating, low staining.
Quinacridone Purple transparent, nongranulating, medium staining.
Imperial Purple semitransparent, granulating, low staining.
Ultramarine Violet transparent, granulating, low staining.
Amethyst Genuine semitransparent, granulating, low staining.
Carbazole Violet semitransparent, nongranulating, medium staining.
All of these watercolors have Excellent lightfastness.

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