Ad Tri-Nib Markers

AD Tri-Nib Markers

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Designed for the artist, Chartpak AD Markers have a signature tri-nib that will produce 3 distinct line widths with a simple shift of the wrist. One marker delivers a fine, medium and broad stroke. The unique nib shape provides precise control over each stroke, and colors blend easily. The markers flow with continuous and smooth color over prolonged and rapid use.

The xylene based formula renders beautifully blended strokes, making them popular for transfering images and creating dreamy, watercolor-like effects with colored pencil, graphite and charcoal. Once dry they are permanent on a number of porous and non-porous substrates. The xylene does release a noticeable scent so some prefer to use AD markers in a well ventillated area. 

Colorless Blender: The AD Marker blender is a stand-alone artist's tool for photo transfers. Xylene, a solvent contained in the marker, reacts with the toner in laser prints and photo copies and images can be transferred onto a number of surfaces including paper, fabric, wood and linoleum blocks. This makes it a great tool for block printing! When used with AD markers, the colorless blender can help to create gradients, bend colors together, or mix custom colors. The blender will also create highlights and lighten other xylene-based colors. 

Available in over 130 colors...

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm