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Dreamweaver Stencils Tabletop Demo

Date of Workshop: May 17, 2014


Take your embossed images and card making finesse to the next level!

Liz Martin from Dreamweaver Stencils returns for this popular demo with a new twist. Liz will be demonstrating the metal stencil’s versatility by using embossing powders and coloring techniques at a convenient drop-in table. Get one-on-one instruction in the gold leaf and faux cross stitch techniques and much more, to enhance your card, scrapbook or altered art projects…

Aqua Wash Printing Inks

Date of Workshop: April 26, 2014

Aqua Wash

Love the look and feel of oil based inks but hate the cleanup? Join us along with artist Rick Kitagawa while he demonstrates these versatile oil based inks. Charbonnel Aqua Wash is a highly pigmented, non-toxic oil based ink emulsion that can be used for etching, engraving, wood block, lino cut, monotype and even letterpress, yet it cleans up with soap and water! Aqua Wash also has an assortment of mediums to achieve the right viscosity…

“Making Art” with Ed Brickler, Discussion and Book Signing

Date of Workshop: April 12, 2014

Ed Brickler

Artist and author Ed Brickler will discuss the importance of understanding materials and techniques and how it helps in becoming a more proficient artist. He will demonstrate some of the ideas found in his new book Making Art and answer any question you might have about the differences in materials and their applications. You will be amazed at the vast information on materials and techniques crammed into one book. Making Art will become your go-to book for answers. Ed will finish with a book signing…

Michael Harding Artist Oil Colours

Date of Workshop: April 5, 2014

Leoni Uys, Swimmer

For oil paint aficionados, students or just the curious, the charming and informative Michael Harding will be here at FLAX all the way from the UK for this unprecedented oil color seminar. We are extremely pleased to announce the news of this special event. To celebrate Michael’s arrival, all Michael Harding paints and mediums will be offered at 10% off that day only…

Watercolor Pencil Drawing Workshop

Date of Workshop: April 5, 2014

Kathi Hanson

“13 Different Ways to Create Eye Catching Watercolor Paintings using Watercolor Pencils”. She’s back! Join us along with artist Kathi Hanson while she guides you through her favorite watercolor techniques using America’s favorite brand of color pencils, General Pencil, who is celebrating 125 years. General’s Kimberly Watercolor Pencils are an extremely versatile drawing and painting tool. The color pigment in the pencil core, when activated with water, turns into rich, flowing watercolor paint…

Book Signing with Austin Kleon

Date of Workshop: April 1, 2014

Show your work, feat

From the author of The New York Times bestseller STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST, Austin Kleon will be here at FLAX Art & Design to talk about his new book SHOW YOUR WORK! 10 WAYS TO SHARE YOUR CREATIVITY AND GET DISCOVERED. Join us Tuesday, April 1st at 5:30, to hear what Austin Kleon has to say about SHOW YOUR WORK, he’ll answer any questions you might have and then stick around for a book signing. Make a fun evening out of April Fools Day and come to FLAX for this anticipated event…

Mixed Media Art with Jacquard

Date of Workshop: March 29, 2014

Painted Fabric by Sherrill Kahn - Jacquard Textile Colors, Neopaque and Lumiere

Jacquard Products has been producing high-quality textile art supplies for almost 30 years. Their product lines include fabric paints, dyes, screen inks, pigment powders, fabric art markers, chemicals, waxes and superior-quality craft kits. Please join us for an afternoon with Annette Pierson from Jacquard. Annette will have the most popular Jacquard products such as; Dye-na-flow, Lumiere, and Textile Traditions fabric paints; Tee Juice fabric pens, Procion cold water dye methods, and Marbling kits just to name a few…

Transfer This! Workshop

Date of Workshop: March 15, 2014

Transfer Art

Transfer your imagination into art with TAP, a premium-quality transfer paper that allows you to transfer images to virtually any surface with the heat of an iron. Artist Heidi Rand will demonstrate all the possibilities of TAP along with the unique properties of Lutradur. You haven’t heard of Lutradur? Everyone’s been talking about the fabulously versatile cross between paper and fabric of Lutradur. Sew it, paint it, inkjet print on it, stencil it, stamp it, pleat it, dye it, distress it, die-cut it, sculpt with it, fold it, weave it, or transfer onto it…

The GOLDEN “A to Z” of Acrylics

Date of Workshop: March 8, 2014

golden feature

Please join us for this popular event hosted by well known artist Tesia Blackburn. The Golden lecture/demo is a two-hour free educational presentation on acrylic paints, gels and mediums: an advanced technical explanation of acrylics, and their inherent possibilities. Come learn about pigments, different viscosities and types of paints, grounds and color mixing. Various gels and mediums will be demonstrated. You will see how to extend paint to save money…

Flashe Acrylic Paint Workshop

Date of Workshop: February 8, 2014


FLASHE has had an almost cult following throughout the years. Now you can get in on the secret and find out why this unique and intense matte acrylic paint is so popular! The lovely and talented Charlotte Hampton will be here for this hands-on workshop to allow you to see for yourself the numerous qualities these paints boast. Charlotte will take you through various applications FLASHE users have been coveting for years from…