Speedball Artists' Pen Points

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Speedball Artists' Pen Points
#102 Crow Quill
#107 Hawk Quill

Pen point nibs offer a wide variety of writing and illustrating styles.  Sets of 2 nibs are available; each nib suited to a different style.

#102 Crow Quill – Superfine and flexible crow quill

#107 Hawk Quill – Superfine, stiffer than #102, and very durable for long, even lines and cross-hatching details

#512 Bowl Pointed – Fine nib for lettering and ruling

#513EF Globe – Extra-fine bowl pointed nib for industrial arts

#22B Extra Fine – Bronze finish standard nib, medium stiff for fine ruling and ornamental writing work

#56 School – Fine, stiff action, standard nib for drawing and student use; has bronze finish

#99 Drawing – Extra fine standard drawing nib for drafting and lithography

#101 Imperial – Very flexible for ornamental work; has bronze finish

#103 Mapping – For mapping and fine line work

#104 Finest – Superfine art pen for fine hair lines and the smallest details

#100 Artist – Very delicate line for experts

#108 Flexible Quill – Bronze finish quill pen for cross-hatching, flourishing, and lithography