Zentangle Micron Sets

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Zentangle Micron Pen Set, 12-Piece White Tile Set

Practice the Zentangle method with these simple sets that include everything needed to create unique Zentangle art.  The Zentangle method offers an easy to learn way to create beautiful images from repetitive patterns.  This form of drawing is known to be relaxing, even meditative. 

Because of its simplicity, Zentangle art can be created almost anywhere, without any special abilities or costly equipment.  Zentangle is great for people of all ages and is often used as an educational practice.

Micron pens are especially well suited for the intricate detailing and patterning in Zentangle art.  The pens hold waterproof, quick-drying ink that does not feather or bleed through even the thinnest papers.  The ink is smear-proof once dry and fade-proof against sunlight or UV light. It is acid free and archival.

10-Piece Black Tile Set: Includes two Gelly Roll 08 white, one Micron 08 black, one charcoal white pencil, one tortillion and five 3.5" black tile.

Black Zentangle tiles offer unique possibilities for layering black and white ink. First, fill the black tile with tangles using Gelly Roll white. Wait until the ink is completely dry, then go back in and add detail to the Gelly Roll strokes using the black Pigma Micron pen. Add striping, dots or whatever you fancy.

12-Piece White Tile Set: Set includes one Micron 01, 03, 05, 08 black, one black graphite pencil, one tortillion, five 3.5" white tile and one Graphic 01 black archival ink Pigma pen.

The 12 piece set is an ideal starter kit for anyone curious about Zentangle, or as a supplemental supply kit for tangling on the go.