Watercolour Tips & Techniques

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Watercolour Tips & Techniques

This compact, new edition handbook explores the versatility and beauty of watercolor in depth. The 20 detailed step-by-step demonstrations include a fantastic range of techniques and takes readers through all the stages, from laying down washes to capturing atmosphere and mood.

Using his vibrant and colorful palette, one of the authors Arnold Lowrey provides expert advice on all the techniques needed for creating interesting paintings. Wendy Jelbert follows, showing how to transform sketches into finished paintings. Perspective is an important part of the painting process and Geoff Kersey shows how to create an impression of depth and distance using dramatic skies and elements in the landscape. Lastly, Barry Herniman explores the effects of sunlight, shadows, mist and stormy skies.

Authors: Arnold Lowrey, Wendy Jelbert, Geoff Kersey and Barry Herniman

Paperback, with 376 pages