W&N Sceptre Gold II Brushes

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Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II Series is a range of high quality brushes made from a mix of sable and synthetic fibers. Ideal for working with watercolor, they’re also suitable for use with acrylic, water mixable oil, and alkyds.

While pure sable hair brushes are generally considered the best, they are costly and lead most to buy synthetic brushes instead. This is what led Winsor & Newton to develop the Sceptre Gold II - a brush made from both pure sable and synthetic fibers, allowing a performance close to sable but at a price close to synthetic.

The blend of hair in these brushes also has an added bonus. Sable has excellent spring qualities while the synthetic fibers make sure the brush is soft but with a strong snap to return to its original shape. The high amounts of sable also give the brush the ability to make larger washes in one stroke.

These brushes are available in the following Series:

Series 101 Pointed Round - Short Handle: Great for fine detail, lines, and washes. This popular head shape is good for all-purpose watercolor work. The brush tip possesses an excellent color holding capacity and the short handle offers closer reach to the surface.

Series 202 Designer Round - Short Handle: The elongated round head is great for precise detail and line work. These brushes feature an elongated head which gives an extra fine point and greater color holding capacity.

Series 303 Rigger - Short Handle: These brushes are longer than Series 202 and feature an extra fine point for lines, long scroll work, and detail. They have excellent color carrying capacity and can create long clear lines without any loss of control.

Series 404 Blender Round - Long Handle: These brushes are made to the same high standards as Series 101, but with long handles designed for use with oils and acrylic color.

Series 505 Blender Flat/Bright - Long Handle: These brushes are great for blending, glazing, or covering a large area. The flat-shaped brush tip can create broad strokes with the flat side or thin lines with the chisel edge. The long handles are also well suited for working with oils and acrylic colors.

Series 606 Flat Wash - Short Handle: This brush features a flat wash brush tip that can create firm, sharp lines for lettering and one stroke work. It’s also popular for washes in watercolor, possessing great spring and color carrying capacity.

W&N Sceptre Gold II Brushes