W&N Artists' Watercolor Compact Set

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W&N Artists' Watercolor Compact Set
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Since 1832, when Henry Newton and William Winsor introduced the first moist watercolors, Winsor & Newton has been committed to providing artists with a range of the most balanced pigments and the greatest permanence in watercolors. Each color within this spectrum has been specially formulated and selected to offer artists a unique palette.

Winsor & Newton watercolors contain the maximum pigment content consistent with good handling qualities, achieving the highest possible tinting strength, quality and reliability. With excellent transparency, these watercolors retain their brightness and boldness of color.

This compact watercolor set is perfect for traveling artists and artists painting outdoors. It is small enough to stow away in a pocket or small carrying bag and, in addition to the selection of colors, the set contains all the necessary tools for watercolor painting.

The set includes 14 half pans of the finest pigmented watercolors, a detachable water cup, a Series 16 Sable Brush and a removable mixing tray. These materials are all encased in a sleek, white plastic palette box that folds to a convenient 4" x 5" x 1" size.