Testors Enamel Paint Set

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Testors Enamel Paint Set

Testors All-Purpose Enamels are fast-drying, easy to apply and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces from plastics, glass and metals to wood and paper. A highly recognized and reliable enamel, Testors features finely ground pigments that yield superior flow and coverage. All colors are long-lasting and carefully controlled from batch to batch to ensure consistency.

Testors enamels are most widely used in the hobby industry and can be applied to practically any project. Easily paint models and miniatures as well as woodworking objects.

Enamels dry to a smooth glossy finish and are available in the iconic Testors 1/4" oz. glass bottle.

This set includes 8 bottles of color, 1 bottle of thinner, 1 paint brush and a tray.

Colors: Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Green, Black, White, Gold, Silver