Stella Edge Clamp Lamp

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Stella Edge Clamp Lamp, White
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The Stella Edge Clamp Lamp utilizes a patented clamping mechanism that let's the lamp attach onto any table edge .5"-2.5" thick. Stella Lighting uses LEDs and Tri-Spectrum Technology to provide multiple spectrums of light. Choose from three different light settings and five stages of dimming, all with the light touch of a button.

LED Technology - LED technology produces more light with 1/2 the energy and produces no heat at all. Best of all, there are no bulbs to replace. After 50,000 hours of use, the LEDs will still produce 70% of their original light output.

Tri-Spectrum Technology - Choose warm white light for accent lighting, reading, and other calm activities; a cool white light with a hint of blue for late night projects; or the pure white setting for the most natural form of white light possible. This setting is particularly useful for artists because it shows colors exactly as they are.

Flexible ArmStella’s Flex-Arm utilizes an electroplated steel segmented neck. This ensures maximum flexibility along with a strong hold in practically any. Get the light you need, exactly where you need it.

5-Level Dimming5-Level Dimming is available within each color spectrum mode. Users can dim any mode of light 5 levels, down to 10% of the maximum light output.

Wireless RemoteThe Wireless Remote features the main controls for the lamp: power, dimming, and light mode. The remote also has magnets so it can be stored on the spine of the base.

Adjustable Clamp BaseThe Edge’s Industrial Clamp is a steel c-style encased in rigid plastic. The clamp can attach to any solid surface up to 2.5″ in thickness. The dial is oversized for sensitive hands and overmolded to the hardware for strength.

Available in White or Black. Comes with a two year warranty.

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