Sophisticated Finishes Primo Primer & Sealer

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Modern Options Primo Primer & Sealer

This Primer & Sealer is designed for use with Modern Options’ Patina Finishes.  For these solutions it is especially important to prime porous and glossy surfaces.   Primo Primer is recommended for surfaces like raw wood, ceramic, glass, concrete, plaster, cloth or paper.

Sealing changes the look of the Patina and Rust finishes.  It tends to darken the finish and changes the texture.  Sealing an object is particularly recommended when the object will be coming in contact with skin or clothing to prevent flaking.    The decision to seal depends on how the object will be used and what sort of look is desired.

The Primer & Sealer is water-resistant and suitable for most outdoor applications.  It is not recommended for sealing objects like fountains or birdbaths that are submerged in water.