Sophisticated Finishes Metallic Surfacer

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These metallic surfacers can be used to achieve striking effects and faux finishes on a wide variety of materials including textiles and canvas,  art board and wood,  clay, plaster, foam and even plastic.  They are permanent and fade resistant, offering consistent opaque coverage.  The surfacers are suited for interior home décor as well as exterior garden décor projects.

Metallic surfacers are a blend of finely ground genuine metal particles in an acrylic sealing compound that creates the look and durability of a true metal surface. The surfacers are easy to apply and can be brushed or sprayed onto surfaces.  They are water-based for quick clean-up.

Metallic surfacers can be used with Antiquing Patina Finishes to oxidize into a beautiful green or blue verdigris or rust finish.

Metallic Surfacing Solutions, Gilded Gold