RIVES BFK Printmaking Paper

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Rives BFK Printmaking Paper, WHITE 22"x30", gms

This range of printmaking papers has set the standard for every mouldmade grade manufactured in Europe. Perhaps its best quality is its consistency. Made with 100% cotton and no optical brightening agents, it is a bright white, smooth, soft and pliable sheet. Dimensionally stable, BFK Rives is a versatile substrate with an absorbent wove surface that is suitable for all forms of printmaking.

Its smooth surface, soft texture, and light sizing allow it to pick up every detail. It has two natural deckles, and two simulated, being torn at the finishing stage.
Available in bright white, 22" x 33", 250gms

A question that is often raised is what do the initials BFK stand for? Answer: They were the initials of the owners of the Rives mill in France at the beginning of the 19th century - Blanchet Frères & Kiebler!