Rembrandt Luxury Watercolor Set

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Rembrandt Luxury Watercolor Set
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The Rembrandt Luxury Watercolor Set includes 12 colors in a pocket box palette with a paint brush. Makers of watercolor since 1899, Rembrandt colors are made from choice pigments and a special blend of gum arabics that offer unique working qualities. The pigments are ground superfine on triple rollers and allow for maximum color clarity and the application of uniform washes, even when highly diluted.

The special gum arabic binder gives the colors a creamy feel and spontaneous color release. It also provides a slow, easy flow that penetrates the paper fibers slowly and evenly. Pigments have the highest degree of lightfastness and maximum degree of transparency. This 6.75x3.75x1.25 inch package contains 12 watercolor pans and one brush.