Princeton 3050 Detail Brushes

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Princeton's Series 3050 brushes are miniature brushes made from synthetic sable, designed especially for detail work. Sought-after by decorative artists and painters of miniatures in acrylic, oil, and gouache; these brushes deliver superb fine detail.

The wooden handles are finished in a comfortable silicone coating, allowing a firm grip and ultimate control. The finest synthetic sable is used to assure perfect pointing and crisp edges on flat shapes. The synthetic fiber hair also guarantees great color holding capacity for long, uninterrupted strokes. Excellent for watercolor and acrylic, these brushes can also take oil paint when needed.

This series is available in Round, Filbert, Fan, Angle, Liner, Spotter, Flat Shader, Monogram, and Extra-Long Liner.

Princeton 3050 Detail Brushes