Paint By Numbers, Colorful Rooster Bob

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Paint By Numbers, Colorful Rooster Bob

This majestic rooster stands still on a bed of grass depicted in an exotic rainbow of colors. The entire portrait of the rooster is painted with vibrant tones of orange, red and yellow, contrasting beautifully with the dark, vivid blue of the background. The painting evokes feelings of strength and purity, and the stance and plumage of the rooster are reminiscent of royalty.

The painting is by artist Marion Rose, who passed away in 2011. Because of the enduring popularity of Rose's work, her signature is included in this paint by number, but you can paint outside the lines in choosing not to include it.

Artwork area measures 15-3/4" x 15-3/4" (40 x 40cm) and all contents come inside a cardboard tube.

When your piece is complete it can be wrapped around stretcher bars and proudly displayed.  Use 15" bars. For instructions on how to stretch your new artwork for framing, click here.