Montana Acrylic Marker Sets

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Montana Acrylic Marker Set, Fine Set of 6

Montana Acrylic Markers feature brilliant water-based, highly pigmented, acrylic matte colors. The optimum flow control pump valve system allows accurate handling and application. The ink is lightfast, water-proof and abrasion-proof allowing application to almost any surface including canvas, wood, metal, walls and glass. The Extra Fine (.7mm) and Fine (2mm) nibs in these sets are excellent for fine art and detailed work.

4 Color Fine Metallic Set: gold, silver, copper and black.

6 Color Extra-Fine Set: shock black, shock blue light, shock green, shock red, shock white pure and shock yellow light.

6 Color Fine Set: shock black, shock blue, shock green light, shock red, shock white pure and shock yellow.

12 Color Fine Set A: shock yellow, shock orange, shock red, shock pink, shock lilac, shock blue, shock green, shock brown, shock black, shock white pure, outline silver and iron curtain.

12 Color Fine Set B: shock yellow light, shock orange light, shock orange dark, shock kent blood red, shock pink light, shock blue light, shock blue dark, shock green light, shock green dark, shock brown light, shock brown dark and gravel.

12 Color Fine Set C: makeup, royal red, malachite light, Sahara beige, flash yellow, power orange, fire red, gleaming pink, acid green, 100$ cyan, copper and gold.