Mini WireForm Mesh

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Mini WireForm Mesh

WireForm is a special woven wire mesh designed for art sculptures, crafts, fashion accessories, jewelry, home and garden décor, architectural and school projects. This very versatile, rust-proof metal modeling material cuts easily and can be formed into any desired shape. The mesh is pliable enough to bend yet sturdy enough to hold 3-dimensional shapes.

WireForm is great for use as an armature base as well as a craft material for creating beautiful objects. Mini WireForm is packaged as a folded 16" x 20" sheet. Made in the U.S.A.

Aluminum: 1/16" patterned Contour Mesh, 1/8" patterned Sparkle Mesh, 1/4" patterned Diamond Mesh
Copper: 1/8" pattern Impression Mesh