Lyra Opaque Watercolor Sets

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Lyra Opaque Watercolor Sets

Lyra Opaque Watercolor Sets feature high quality, bold and brilliant colors with superior lay down capabilities. Good for serious artists of all ages. AP certified non-toxic.

Both sets include: a natural hair paint brush, removable paint pans, and a white lid that is good for mixing paint to show true color.

Set of 12 includes: yellow, orange, red, pink, violet, blue, light blue, green, light-green, gold, brown, black and a tube of white paint for blending.

Set of 24 includes: yellow, lemon, Indian yellow, orange, carmine red, vermillion red, magenta, violet, ultramarine blue, cyan blue, Prussian blue, cobalt blue, Turkish blue, blue green, French green, yellow green, olive, ochre yellow, peach, yellow brown, sienna brown, umber brown, gray, and black.