Liquitex Texture Gel Mediums

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Ceramic Stucco

Use texture gels alone, intermix or mix them with acrylic colors and mediums, to achieve a wide variety of unique textural, dimensional and impasto effects. Formulated for maximum flexibility, they can be applied to any material suitable for heavy acrylic painting. Each medium can be thinned with water and becomes water-resistant when dry. These gel mediums are best applied with tools like brushes, palette knives and trowels.

In addition to increasing body and creating texture, these gel mediums increase “open" working time for acrylic paints. They dry transparent or translucent and can even be used as an archival adhesive for collage. Texture gels are lightweight, non-toxic and dry to a non-yellowing finish.

Ceramic Stucco: This fine textured gel has a thick consistency with a low luster that dries to a light gray matte stucco finish. It is excellent for producing thick 3-dimensional effects, as well as thinly coating s surface. Ceramic Stucco medium can be used as a ground for acrylic and oil paint, oil pastel, oil bars, pastels and graphite. To prevent abrasion, a coat of Liquitex varnish can be applied.

Natural Sand Fine: This finely textured gel dries to a surface similar to glossy beach sand. Mixing with colors creates beautiful grained effects and improves blending qualities. It is very effective as a ground for acrylic and oil paints, oil pastel, pastel and graphite when delicate marks and blending are necessary.

Blended Fibers: This is a thick, fibrous gel that, when dry, gives the effect of matte flexible fibers. It can add great volume, dimension and texture and will hold brush and knife marks. This gel medium is best applied with a palette knife or trowel.

White Opaque Flakes: This heavy, body coarse gel contains irregular sized and shaped opaque flakes. The white flake texture is most apparent when it is mixed with transparent or translucent colors or small amounts of opaque color. For a pure white color, mix this medium with a small amount of Liquitex Titanium White.

All Texture Gel Mediums are available in 8 oz. jars