Liquitex Freestyle Detail Brushes

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Liquitex Freestyle Detail Brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic nylon, making them perfect for all acrylic applications. While excellent for acrylic work, they can also be used with water mixable oils, texture gels, and mediums.

The long contoured handles provide extra handling comfort and are well balanced to provide control even when held below the ferrule. The ferrule is made from rust free stainless steel, holding the blended synthetic bristles in place for long painting sessions. The bristles contain ideal stiffness, snap, and shape retention for the ultimate desired results.

Freestyle Detail brushes are available in four styles (all long handle):

Round: This brush features a round belly and point - great for creating lines and washes.

Bright: This flat, short brush can create sharp edges with great control.

Flat: A flat, long brush great for blending or covering a large area.

Filbert: These brushes are capable of giving broad marks with a soft edge.

Liquitex Freestyle Detail Brushes