Liquitex BASICS Technique Set, Building Texture

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Liquitex Basics Technique Set - Building Texture

A technique set designed to support beginners interested in moving into sought after, professional techniques. The Building Texture set contains one each of the BASICS Acrylics in 75ml tubes in red, primary blue, primary yellow, mars black, two each of titanium white, one 100ml Professional Modeling Paste, one Palette Knife and an educational booklet with tips and techniques. Basics paint is thick and creamy with satin finish and good pigment load. Colors glide on smoothly, dry quickly, and stay vibrant. Liquitex professional modeling paste is made of marble dust and 100% polymer emulsion and is used to build heavy textures. This is the perfect set for painters to experiment and learn to build dynamic textures into their work.

Also available, is the Liquitex BASICS Technique Set - wet on wet.