Limn Colors Viridian

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Limn Colors Viridian

Viridian watercolor paintalso known as emerald green, transparent chromium oxide green, and leaf green— is a lightfast granulating green with a bluish undertone. It is softer and more subtle than the powerful phthalocyanine greens, with low tinting strength and light staining. Viridian pigment has a slower rewet, but paints beautifully once activated, and builds nicely with glazed layers.

Pigment: PG18
Lightfastness: Excellent

This product is one half pan of viridian watercolor paint in a 3d printed pan with shipping lid.

Safety warning: By purchasing this product you agree to follow the precautions outlined here. In conformance with ASTM D-4326, all Limn Colors paints carry a materials advisement.