Jazz Matte Tempera 16oz.

Jazz Matte Tempera 16oz.

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Jazz Tempera is a smooth, easy-to-use, water-soluble paint that dries to a brilliant velvety finish. This semi-paste paint works very well for easel painting, finger painting, signage, and so much more. It can simply be thinned with water to work with other surfaces and achieve finer details. Medium can also be added for different finishes and a varnish may be applied as a protective coating.

Jazz cleans up easily with soap and water and will wash off of most surfaces, even after it dries. This tempera is non-toxic and perfect for kids’ projects.

Tempera paint is safe due to its organic contents; however, this means the paint can also eventually spoil. It is recommended that lids always be closed tightly and that the paints are always stored in their original container, in a cool and dry place.

Colors available in 16 oz. plastic squeeze bottles