Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks

Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks

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Pinata colors are beautiful, highly saturated, acid-free transparent dye inks. They are alcohol-based, indelible and moisture resistant when dry. This means artists can work freely on most clean surfaces from glass and plastic to polymer clay and metal. They also work wonderfully on leather!

These permanent inks are well suited for fine art applications as well as rubber stamping, crafting, faux finishing and staining wood, leather and fabric. Brayer Pinata onto vellum, color glass beads, dye leaves, tint pieces of mica, add color to metal fasteners, and so much more.

Rich Gold and Silver are made with real metal pigments offering a truly metallic look.  On almost any material their tiny metallic particles lie flat and produce a very reflective, smooth metal surface.  These colors, as well as Blanco White, are highly opaque.  Blanco White is also pigmented and especially useful for creating tints and pastels. 

Mix Claro Extender with Pinata inks to keep them shiny or make them transparent. Claro Extender will not change the ink color and extends the drying/working time.

Inks are available in .5 oz. bottles and made in the U.S.A.

Clean-Up Solution, made especially for use with Pinata Inks, also available