Iwata Smart Jet Compressor

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Iwata Smart Jet Compressor

The Smart Jet Compressor is a multipurpose compressor perfect for the occasional and professional artist working on a variety of airbrush applications.  Boasting Iwata Smart Technology, it is powerful, compact, reliable and quiet.  It is as oil-less piston air compressor, ensuring zero maintenance. 


In addition to an on/off switch, the compressor shuts off automatically when not in use.  It features a built-in airbrush holder, a moisture filter to prevent pulsation, a mounted air pressure gauge and bleed valve airflow adjustment to lower air pressure.  A high strength polyurethane hose that fits Iwata airbrushes and an extra hose for enhanced moisture separation are also included. 


The compressor measures 10” x 7” x 6”.


Iwata Smart Jet Technology:

· Less heat-related moisture build-up

· Produces full-capacity air on demand

· Reduces running time

· Less motor wear means longer compressor life

· Inherently quieter in public environments