Iwata Power Jet Lite Compressor

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Iwata Power Jet Lite Compressor

Featuring the powerful twin-pump, 1/6 Hp motor, the Power Jet Lite compressor is equipped with a pressure regulator for precise adjustment of airflow.  Built with Iwata Smart Technology, it automatically shuts off when not in use. 


Economically priced, the Power Jet Lite doesn’t have a tank reservoir, yet delivers all the power necessary for use with a wide variety of airbrushes.  The compressor comes complete with an airhose and adapter so it can hook up to any airbrush.


The compressor features an adjustable pressure regulator, moisture filter, a built-in airbrush holder and 2X Sprint Jet Power all in a strong protective case.


Measures 10.5” x 12” x 6”


Iwata Smart Jet Technology

· Less heat-related moisture build-up

· Produces full-capacity air on demand

· Reduces running time

· Less motor wear means longer compressor life

· Inherently quieter in public environments